Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Shea Rasol Boutique and ZAWARA Coffee review

Hi all.

I went to Shea Rasol Boutique today. The co-owner is my highschool sweetheart a.k.a. kawan baik masa sekolah. So it's more like a catch up session for us sambil i usha2 boutique dia and few kedai2 famous2 lain. Al-maklumlah, saya ke Bangi sekali sekala sahaja. Ya Allah, lama gila tak jumpa. So many things to share. So proud of my friend. Die ade butik. Saya pula? Cume ada cita2 nak jadi pengacara TV and Clever Girl Malaysia je (okay ni tipu).

My pretty girlfriend
Her kakak was also there. After years knowing Iqa Rasol and her kakak, Shea Rasol, ni baru 1st time ambik gambar dengan Shea Rasol. Baju2 yang dia jual kat sini, semua die design sendiri. How can someone be so talented like that. Baju die cantik2 semua. Tak percaya? Tengokla sendiri. Tngk online pun boleh. kan ade.

Me with Shea Rasol, the famous blogger
Kedai diaorang cantik. Saya suka. We had our lunch at ZAWARA Coffee. Jakun gila boleh tak. First time makan burger guna sarung tangan plastik.

The burger was OK but not EXCELLENT. I was expecting the cheese to melimpah2 ruah since nama die pun CHEESY MELTZ. Tapi mungkin saya high expectation sangat kot. I don't know. The burger was a bit dry. But the taste not so bad la. Cuma tak rasa melimpah2 dalam mulut je. hehe.

I'm in love with the layout of the cafe.

So, I guess that's it for now. 

Good night sweetheart.

My first post

Hi all.

Yes, I am writing. Again. After sooooo long (yes, i used to write before this but hangat2 tahi ayam sahaja).


1) I am no longer an auditor
2) I am a housewife
3) I want a proper medium to keep all my life events and memories (blog is the best so far, but i know there will come times when I will become lazy to write but hopefully it won't be so soon)
4) Alhamdulillah, I have a good life support to help me to take care of my little baby

Yes, this is my cheeky little baby showing off his sexy tummy